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Local, fresh food, made to order.
The view from our dinning room

Coffee Shop and Restaurant

Join us for breakfast or lunch at Haydens. Since we opened in 2005, we have worked hard at building a reputation for high-quality home-made meals and snacks. Everything is made to order from fresh ingredients (organic where possible). See our sample menu below to get an idea of the sort of food we serve during the day. Specials are also available daily. We strongly advise booking, which can be done here.


he main feature of our green policy covers food. We believe firmly in the benefits of organic farming. In Rye, we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by several high-quality organic farms. Naturally, this means we are able to supply fresh, organic and local food all at the same time.

If a product is not available organically nearby, we still try to buy in the area in order to promote freshness and reduce food miles. Inevitably, even this is not always possible, particularly when it comes to tea and coffee.

However, we have a policy for this, too. In these cases, we strive to buy Fairtrade; sometimes we can get organic Fairtrade, which puts a big smile on our faces. Luckily, our supplier for almost all the dry goods we need is a company based in Brighton so it helps the local economy, too.

Where it comes from

Bakery@89 supplies our bread and teacakes.

Johnson’s Fruiterers supplies all of our fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs

Infinity Foods supplies most of our organic store cupboard ingredients, such as flour, dried fruit, chocolate, tinned goods.

PA Fisher & Sons supplies all of our fresh meat, most especially our bacon and sausages.

Vintage Roots is our supplier of Fairtrade and organic wines.

Rye Bay Coffee Co supplies our organic and Fairtrade Sumatran coffee beans.

Ringden Farm Juices is a local supplier of most of our bottles juices.

WiDEYE is a local supplier of all our bath and shower products.

Dinning room view