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Haydens in Rye is a small, family-run, eco-friendly guest house.
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ocated in the heart of the ancient market town of Rye an area gilded in literary and artistic history. Haydens B&B is an eco-friendly family run guest house which aims to provide a comfortable stay in luxurious settings for all our guests to relax and unwind without causing undue impact on the environment.

Rye is an ancient town of the Cinque Ports, a confederation of coastal towns formed in the 11th century for the purpose of promoting trade into the kingdom and coordinating military efforts for its protection.

Our Story

Haydens is run by Richard and Kate Hayden with a lot of help from Kate’s parents, John and Sheila Luck. After ten years of muddling through the commuter torment of London life, we decided to abandon the capital in favour of a new venture. Determined to set up an eco-friendly business, we opened Hayden’s on Christmas Eve of 2005.

Our Philosophy

The main feature of our green policy covers food. We believe firmly in the benefits of organic farming. In Rye, we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by several high-quality organic farms. Naturally, this means we are able to supply fresh, organic and local food all at the same time.

If a product is not available organically nearby, we still try to buy in the area in order to promote freshness and reduce food miles. Inevitably, even this is not always possible, particularly when it comes to tea and coffee.

However, we have a policy for this, too. In these cases, we strive to buy Fairtrade; sometimes we can get organic Fairtrade, which puts a big smile on our faces. Luckily, our supplier for almost all the dry goods we need is a company based in Brighton so it helps the local economy, too.

We use energy efficient lights wherever possible and our toilets have half-flush settings.  We recycle cardboard, plastic and glass and compost all kitchen waste that is appropriate. Our take-away cartons are cardboard, corn-starch, or pressed wood.

Meet Our Team

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Here are the faces behind our family run business, the people who keep our bed and breakfast running smoothly.

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